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Company Name:
Name of Contact Person:
Return Shipment: TNT Express or Economy (whichever is cheapest)
Other, Please Specify   (Handling Charge: €25)
Unit Serial:
Unit Type:
Unit is Under Warranty: Yes, Invoice Number
No, Charge Method  
Standard: The unit will be repaired at a fixed cost of €110.
Not offered on the MDT/PNM products.
Bill: The unit will be repaired and the cost is depended on spare parts and repair time (€15 per. 15 minutes).
Offer: The unit is examined for faults and a repair offer with fixed price is made.
If this offer is rejected a standard charge of €45 will be invoiced.

Please use the checkboxes below to describe which functions of the unit is failing. Use the "additional comments" field for further details or if the fault isn't listed. Please provide as many details as possible, as this will reduce the repair time.

GSM (SMS) FRAM Power Down Digital Input No:
GSM (Voice) Persistent Flash Ignition Input Digital Output No:
GSM (GPRS) SD-Card CAN Analog Input No:
GPS RTC IDE Connection Analog Output No:
No response at all Mechanical RS485 RS232 Port: No:
Additional Comments:


  1. If a unit has been physically damaged or exposed to over voltage the unit cannot be repaired under warranty.
  2. Repair time is typically 2 - 4 weeks.
  3. Please do not send any accessories like antennas, SIM cards, cables etc., unless it is necessary to reproduce the fault.
  4. The unit must be securely wrapped in a protective material and packed in a suitable box to avoid any damage during shipment. Logic IO cannot be held responsible for any damage due to an insufficient packaging method.